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In 1575 occurred what is often cited as the first modern Japanese battle.
On the Shidaragahara plain, the sides fielded by Takeda Katsuyori, who wanted to take Nagashino Castle, and those of the Oda clan and the Tokugawa clan, who intended to break the siege, faced off.
Firearms had already arrived in Japan for thirty years through Portuguese adventurers, but because of their unreliability and high reloading time they were given little importance in military strategies: in fact, arquebusiers after firing the first shot were overwhelmed by cavalry that caught them in the act of reloading.
Oda Nobunaga had the insight to deploy his arquebusiers by arranging them in three rows to ensure constant fire, protecting them with a contingent of lancers and wooden palisades.
As a result of this stratagem, the Takeda horsemen were hopelessly defeated and were forced to retreat.
Following this battle it became clear to all the potential of these new tools, which despite being used by simple soldiers managed to defeat the samurai, who were considered the noble warriors and experts in the art of war.
The battle is representative of an evolution in military strategy.From knightly methods there is a shift to an industrialized and less individual world, dependent more on equipment than on personal valor.
Our project focuses on the moment of change that marks the end of an era and the new values that take over the old ones.
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