18 minuti

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In 18 minutes the earth travels 32,400 km through space.
70 million euros are traded on the Milan stock exchange.
4799 people are born and 2014 lose their lives.
You can listen to 'Sister Day' by The Velvet Underground.
The process of cell division is halfway through, a small step towards the development necessary for an organism to maintain life.

Reality exists and evolves constantly, we can only experience and observe it. Experiencing this reality makes the manifestation of the lives of others possible, as if they were the only events that happened.

Observing things from above, through a glass and within a well-defined time frame is like conducting a scientific experiment without the pretension of reaching a conclusion.
Here, the elements of a complex system appear, stir briefly and then leave.

Stop, analyse, take note. It is an awareness of time and events.

But are these events external to Us? Is watching 18 minutes of other people's lives really different from watching 18 minutes of your own life?

What else exists apart from what we have been able to observe?